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The next revolution in
blockchain and gaming
with Shiba Saga

$SHIA will be the first MEME coin (with utility) to offer a complete Saga of games that share the same token. A collection of rebranded casual games that people already know how to play and love, done the Shiba way. Another first for the industry will be a complete on-chain system for upgrading/sharing characters and other collectibles (NFTs) across all of the Shiba Saga games.

Shiba Saga

Earn $SHIA tokens playing your favorite remastered games

At the core of the Shiba Saga game collection are many classic and casual games you already know and love, but with Shiba as a main character. Games in the collection share an on-chain interconnected system where users can earn and spend the same $SHIA token across every game and with every new release. In addition, a character/collectible (NFT) unlocked in one game, will have its counterpart unlocked in the other games.

Shia Kart

Shiba gets pulled into the ShiaVerse, experience VR like never before

After the release of our first batch of games from the Saga, our team will start full production on the ShiaVerse, a VR metaverse where the NFTs collected by our users in the Saga games will truly come to life.

$shia coins
shiba saga nfts

Own a unique
Shiba Saga NFT

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Shiba Saga NFTS

You can own a unique piece of the Shiba Saga with Shiba Saga NFTs!

In the collection of games from the Saga, the ShiaVerse and through community platforms, Shiba Saga will offer NFTs. Made by both our team and the community. NFTs in the Saga will initially consist of characters, props and items. As a new player you get a free starter pack so you can start playing and earning right away!


Stake $SHIA now to gain rewards and voting power.

The ability to stake $SHIA (for rewards) is already available and guarantees a reward multiplier for those that stake their $SHIA before launch-day. Staking $SHIA will reward you with more $SHIA and exclusive in-game and community collectibles (NFTs). Additionally, staking more $SHIA will give you more voting power on the direction of the project.

Shia coin Shia coin Shia loading

Shiba Saga Token Allocation

$SHIA is the main utility token in the ShiaVerse with core values.

Total Supply 10 000 000 000
  • 27% Play And Earn Vesting over 4.5 years ( 50% Unlocked to Y2, 30% Unlocked Y2 - Y3, 20% Unlocked Y3 - Y4.5 )
    amount 2 700 000 000
  • 25% Staking rewards Vesting & Gradual Unlock over 5 years
    amount 2 500 000 000
  • 13% Team 3 months cliff, monthly vesting over 36 months
    amount 1 300 000 000
  • 3% Advisors 5 months cliff, monthly vesting over 36 months
    amount 300 000 000
  • 2% Ecosystem Fund 6 months cliff, monthly vesting over 36 months
    amount 200 000 000
  • 30% Liquidity 5 months cliff, monthly vesting over 24 months
    amount 3 000 000 000